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Land Rover Defender EV Conversion Kit with Hyper9 144V Drive System & Battery Pack

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Introducing our classic Land Rover Defender EV Conversion Kit, powered by the high-performance Hyper 9 motor! This is the perfect blend of classic style and modern electric technology, creating a truly unique and eco-friendly driving experience.

Take your classic Land Rover Defender and transform it into a zero-emission EV, utilizing the power of the Hyper 9 motor. With its high torque and instant acceleration, this motor provides an exhilarating driving experience, while also being incredibly efficient and environmentally friendly. Say goodbye to gas stations and hello to a cleaner, more sustainable way of driving.

Whether you're cruising around town or exploring off-road trails, our Land Rover Defender EV Conversion Kit offers a truly unique driving experience. With its classic styling and modern electric technology, it's sure to turn heads and provide a thrilling ride for drivers and passengers alike. 

Please note that Battery enclosure boxes are not included but can be fabricated upon request.

What's Included:

  • NetGain HyPer9 AC Motor rated at 120hp and 162 ft lbs of torque 
  • SME AC-X144 Controller
  • Hyper 9 Compact LCD Display 
  • Motor Plate Adapter, Hub and Hardware
  • Hyper9 Heatsink - 10"x11" for X1 controllers
  • Motor Cradle - Stainless Steel Clamp, Bolts, Rubber Bushings, 220mm ID for HyPer 9 Motors
  • DC-DC Converter 144V - Input 91V-150V - Output 12V
  • Class T Fuse 600A
  • Class T Fuse Block - 600A
  • Cable Operated Throttle Potentiometer PB8, 0-5KΩ
  • 10 meters of Welding Cable 2/0 Per Meter - Orange
  • Package of Lithium Battery Cable Ends, Boots, Heatshrink and Markers
  • Rotary Maintenance Disconnect Switch - 1000V 400A Continuous
  • Inertia Switch with Connector
  • Pilot Relays - with bases and terminals
  • Fuse - ATM 10 A
  • Fuse - ATM 25 Amp
  • Fuse - ATM 30 Amp
  • Fuse Holder - HPS - for TRM/ATM fuses
  • Fuse - AGC 3A
  • Fuse - AGC 5A
  • Fuse Holder - HKP - for AGC fuses
  • Contactor Box - 8"x8"x4"
  • Cable Glands - 3/4"

Battery Pack (Unassembled):

  • 48 LFP Battery Cells, Lithium Ion, including bus bars, bolts
  • Orion 2 Battery Management System - Standard 48Cell
  • Orion 2 Cell Tap Harness - 48 Cell - 12ft
  • Orion 2 Main Harness - 6ft
  • Orion 2 current sensor 750A
  • Orion 2 Current Sensor Harness with 8 Thermistors
  • CANadapter CAN to USB Interface
  • Contactor - Discharge Safety - 12V Internal Economizer
  • Contactor - Charge Safety
  • J1772 - Charge Inlet - 40A with 4.5m cable
  • On Board Charger - 108V/32A/3300W - CanBus 250kbs
  • LFP Battery Bracket Ends
  • LFP Battery Bracket Mids
  • LFP Batteries - Threaded Rods and Barrel Nuts Kit
  • 16 M5 Barrel Nuts
  • 8 M5 Threaded Rods