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PC Motor OEM Level Programmer 1314

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 The Curtis 1314 PC based OEM level programmer is just the tool you need to custom program the performance parameters of your Curtis controller and HPEVS AC motor system. The 1314 can change many parameters such as slew rate, max power, creep, brake regen, contactor output and many more. You can save and load parameter files for quick programming of multiple controllers, and share files via the PC. This is a must tool for any OEM controller programming.

Note: This item no longer ships with a CD-ROM. The software is now provided on a USB drive.

Warning: Caution should be taken while programming in OEM level as you can configure almost anything, PLEASE refer to the manual before making any changes.


  • Compatibility: Curtis 1238, 1239, 1239e Controller Series
  • PC Compatibility: Windows XP, 7, 8
  • Connection: Curtis 4 Pin and 8 Pin Connectors
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Origin: Made In USA
  • Warranty Period: Two years


User’s Manual