HPEVS AC-34 Brushless AC Motor Kit - 96V-108V with Curtis 1238SE-7971 Controller

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The AC-34 is an AC motor that operates at 72-128V. It can draw up to 900A producing up to 65 HP (49kW) and 106 ft-lbs (144 Nm)of torque. This kit works very well in medium sized cars and lightweight vehicles. Features include regenerative braking as well as an idle function. At a modest 108 volts it makes a safer low voltage system that will give you lots of reliable EV miles.

Its right for you if:

You have a medium sized car or lightweight vehicle you wish to convert to electric on a budget.

The tech you get:

  • HPEVS AC34 Motor
  • Curtis 1238SE-7971 Controller
  • 35 Pin Connector and Wire Harness
  • Gigavac GV200-QA Contactor
  • 12 Volt HV Relay
  • Curtis 840 Dash Gauge
  • SPST Menu Button
  • SPST Mode Switch

The final word:

 A practical and safe medium sized project power plant.


  • Motor Face: B-Face
  • Motor Diameter: 8.980 Inches
  • Motor Case Length: 12.8 Inches
  • Motor Shaft Length End to End: 17.5 Inches
  • Motor Type: AC Induction
  • Brushes: No
  • Interpoles: No
  • Weight: 52 Kg (115 lbs)
  • Max Voltage Input: 130
  • Terminal Stud Size: 3/8 Inch
  • Integrated Sensors: Encoder
  • Rated Torque: 106 Lb Ft
  • Rated Power: 63 HP
  • Continuous RPM: 5,000
  • Max RPM: 10,000
  • RPM Sensor: No
  • Drive End Shaft: 1 1/8 Inch With 1/4 Inch Keyway
  • Acc/Commutator End Shaft: Optional 7/8 Inch With 3/16 Keyway
  • Timing: N/A
  • Max Efficiency: 88%
  • Thermal Cooling: Internal Fan
  • Max Temperature: 180 Degrees Celsius (356 Degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Matching Controller Included In Price: Curtis Controller 1238e-7621

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