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Universal Adapter Kit

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Looking for a reliable and efficient way to convert your vehicle to electric power? Look no further than our Universal Adapter Kit for EV Conversion. This kit includes everything you need to mount an electric motor to your existing transmission, but please note that it will require machining to fit your specific vehicle.

To ensure a perfect fit, we recommend taking the adapter plate and hub to a machine shop where they can customize it to your specific transmission. Once the adapter plate and hub have been machined, installation is a breeze. 

The Universal Adapter Kit is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, and the adapter plate is made from high-quality materials for durability and long-lasting performance. So if you're ready to enjoy the benefits of electric power without replacing your entire drivetrain, this is the perfect solution for you.

All adapters retain use of original clutch and fit most NetGain Hyper9, WARP 9 and HPEV AC34/AC35/AC50/AC51 Motors. The adapter plate supplied in the kit is machined to fit a 9" motor but has no other pre drilled holes to mount to the vehicles transmission. Similarly the hub supplied is machined to mount to the motor shaft but has no predrilled holes to mount to the clutch disk. 

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